VIBE Select x Ravers IQ on Radio Friendly…

VSRS x SR collab

VIBE Select Radio Show on Radio Friendly is joined by the Soul Renaissance Radio Show hosted by DJs Trixter and Eddie Indo (Ravers IQ and Raw Soul Radio, UK), who proceed us from 5-6pm (6-7pm C.E.T.) with the best in RnB and Neo-Soul music, that gives you in total 3 hours of good black music on Saturday, June 20th from 5-8pm (6-9pm C.E.T.) So “Keep it Locked” and “Get your VIBE, right.”, click HERE to listen in live online or locally (in Barcelona) at 100.5FM.

#hiphopmusic #soulmusic #rnbmusic #goodmusic #goodvibes #blackmusic #vibeselect #raversiq #soulrenaissance #radiofriendlybcn #rawsoulradio #online #radioshow #savethesummer

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