Farewell Fredrik…

After compiling the tunes for an upcoming episode of Lyrics Rhymes & Vibes, we started to hear rumors about one of the featured artists’ having passed away. Unfortunately, these turned out to be true and we sadly are writing another post about a music-maker who we have lost.

Fredrik Lager, better known by his music monikers Red Astaire or Freddie Cruger, released his first 12″ in 1994 under the name Chimney Heads with MC Swing Fly. However, many were initially introduced to the artist by Gilles Peterson’s “Worldwide” (originally on BBC Radio 1) who championed “Follow Me” (included in our next Lyrics Rhymes & VIBES) which came out in 2003 on the GAMM label. “Rollin’ Stone,” & “Follow…” are hiphop/jazzy re-imaginings of tracks by Eryah Badu & D’Angelo, respectively. Red/Freddie’s work at this time helped popularize the underground Remix/Re-Edit scene in the Hiphop world.

One of the latest projects he worked on was a collaboration with Greg Nice of “Nice & Smooth.” Check out the video for “Bounce 2 Da Beatbox” above.

Sad you are gone Mr. Lager, but thanks for the music.

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