“VIBE Selector Sessions with Konny Kon (Children of Zeus) live DJ set

VIBE Select Entertainment presents…

“VIBE Selector Sessions” with “Konny Kon” (Children of Zeus) live DJ set (get your tickets HERE)

Konny Kon Bio:

“DJ, MC, and beatmaker Konny Kon (UK) began his career as a member of the city’s hip-hop trio Broke ‘n’ English before taking up MC duties in Children of Zeus. Konny Kon whose skills as a DJ , producer and rapper allow them to provide honest self deprecating views of life and love, lending to the universal accessibility for Children of Zeus.”

See him perform a live DJ set in Stockholm with support from “The Sauce” day party resident djs (Ivan The DJ and DJ Ajaib), get your tickets HERE

@vibeselect @thesauce.world @konnykon @childrenofzeus

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